ALIGN TECHNOLOGY – The Opportunities Are Endless – How To Grow Your Practice With Invisalign

Session Time: 6 PM – 9 PM

Session Cost: FREE for delegates AND non-delegates of the 2023 TODS Meeting

Presenter Name: Dr. Terri Pukanich

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Our patients deserve the very best care – even if that means moving teeth! This course is designed to lead you on a journey of changing the way you look at the opportunities that exist with your patients. My goal is to help you and your team understand that diagnosing a malocclusion is just as important as diagnosing a cavity. We will explore the reasons to talk about malocclusion, why straight teeth are important and how to bring these issues up with your patients without sounding “salesy”. This course will show you the abundance of opportunity that exists within your practice already.​ 

Learning Objectives:​ 

  1. Understand how to diagnose and talk about malocclusion with your patients​
  2. Identifying the right candidates for Invisalign​
  3. The 9 crucial Steps to a successful Invisalign Case Presentation​
  4. The 5 opportunities for the Invisalign conversation in your everyday patients.​
  5. Learn how to grow your Invisalign Practice from the inside out without marketing

About The Speaker

Dr. Terri Pukanich graduated from the University of Alberta dental School in 2002. She bought her first and only practice Slave Lake Dental in Canada in 2003 when she was just 25 years old. Since then she successfully grew her practice from a 4 treatment room, 1 doctor office to a 17 treatment room, super GP group practice – all in a small rural town of 7000 people. She is passionate about creating dental work environments that have tremendous impact on patients and team members and where everyone has fun!

Along her journey she has worked with the biggest names in dental coaching and has spent over a million dollars on developing her practice. She learned the secrets to implementation and execution of the most effective strategies. She is now CEO and Founder of Dental BossLady where she helps women in dentistry create fulfilling practices while having more fun and making more money.  She is a Platinum Invisalign provider, a founding member of the Canadian Associate of Women Dentists, and a Key Opinion Leader for the American Academy of Clear Aligners. 

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