2021 TODS Virtual CE Event ,
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2021 TODS Virtual CE Event!

All 2021 Virtual CE Events Available On-Demand October 22 To December 31, 2021!


Want A Printable Version Of The Program? 2021 TODS Virtual CE Event – Meeting At A Glance


(Please Note: These events are NOT live and there will be no Question & Answer sessions)

(Note For Alberta Dentists: On-Demand [Self-Instructional/Study])

What Are Supplier Showcase Events?

The 2021 TODS Virtual CE Event is pleased to offer a premium opportunity which allows our dental partners to showcase their latest technology, research and educational information.  Don’t miss out on these fantastic opportunities to really learn with our partners in dental health!

Supplier Showcase Speaker & Title Time
3M Canada Dr. Christoph Thalacker, PhD and Dr. Kai Claussen, PhD – The Latest Technology From 3M That Will Simplify Your Inventory 1 hour
Align Technology Inc. Dr. Lovedeep Randhawa – Session #1 – How An Intraoral Scanner Changed My Practice. Journey Of Transition From Analog to Digital

Dr. Frederick Poirier – Session #2 – Workflow Of The Efficient Consultation For Existing And New Patients: How To Start Same-Day Treatments

Dr. Stephen Schalk – Leveling Up: 10 Strategies To Improve Your Invisalign Game

 4 hours
Heaps and Doyle Ms. LeeAnn Shipowick, RDH and Mr. Henry Doyle What Is In The Secret Sauce? The Recipe To Synergistic Success In The Dental Practice 1.5 hours
Oral Science Ms. Lucy Pavao, RDHA Fresh Approach: Diagnose & Treat Gingival Inflammation & Biofilm 1 hour


Who Are TODS Featured Speakers?

TODS Featured Speakers are selected by the TODS Planning Committee.

Speaker Title Time
British Columbia Dental Association

Dr. Michelle Lauwers

Dr. Salima Dadani

Ms. Jenny Greenwood, CDA

Clear On Codes: Answering Questions On Procedure Codes & The Suggested Fee Guide 1.5 hours
Ms. Dani Botbyl, RDH Ultrasonics 2021: Navigating The “New” Best Practices 1.0 hours
Dr. Alan Budenz It’s New, But Is It Any Better? An Update On Local Anesthesia Pharmacology and Technique 1.5 hours
Dr. Foroud Hakim Mastering Direct Resins in Contemporary Aesthetic Practice 1.0 hour
Ms. Penny Hatzimanolakis, RDH Bugs, Pus, Dysbiosis, Oh My! 1.5 hours
Dr. Nekky Jamal Session #1 – Complex Extractions Made Simple 1.0 hours
Dr. Nekky Jamal Session #2 – Taking Your Surgical Skill To The Next Level With Impacted Third Molars 1.0 hours
Dr. Mark Lin Management Of Complications In Implant Dentistry 3 hours
Dr. Gevik Malkhassian Perforation; Prognosis and Repair 1.5 hours
Dr. Jessica Metcalfe Session #1 – Updating Medical History: The Questions You Didn’t Know You Needed To Ask 1.5 hours
Dr. Jessica Metcalfe Session #2 The Alchemy Of Dentistry: Success And Burnout 1.5 hours
Dr. Samson Ng Session #1 – Beyond Lumps And Bumps 2.0

Sesison #2 – TMJ: A Practical Approach To Diagnosis and Care

1.25 hours

1.25 hours

2021 Okanagan Vintage Specialist Potpourri Endodontist – Dr. Stefanie Nio

Pediatric Dentist – Dr. Adrienne Robb

Periodontist – Dr. Steven Faigan

Prosthodontist – Dr. Bradley Bishop

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon – Dr. Scott Martyna

Orthodontist – Dr. Derek Pollard

 3 hours
Dr. Aviv Ouanounou Top 5 Prescribed Drugs: What Do You Need To Know? 1.5 hours
Ms. Danielle Perry-Clark, RDH Oral Hygiene Instructions – What Works? 1.5 hours
Ms. Lisa Philp, RDH Patient Satisfaction Success Strategies 1.5 hours
Mr. Dean Smith Get CyberSmart-Technology for an Efficient and Secure Dental Practice 1.5 hours
Ms. Anna Louise Tolan, RDH Session #1 – To Serve, Preserve and Protect 1.5 hours
Ms. Anna Louise Tolan, RDH Session #2 – Successfully Implementing and Documenting the Classifications of Periodontal and Peri-Implant Disease and Conditions 1.5 hours


2021 TODS Virtual CE Event ,
Registration Is Closed


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