2018 TODS Meeting Thursday-Saturday,
October 18-20

Delta Grand Okanagan Resort
Kelowna, British Columbia

Featured Speaker – Dr. Larry Gaum – All Day Session

A Practical Approach To Oral Surgery For The General Dentist (All Day Session – Continues In Afternoon)

Friday October 20, 2017  8:30am – 4:30pm  *All Day Session*    Skaha Room

Limited Seating

Dr. Larry Gaum

CDHBC QAP Competency – NA

This course is designed for the general dental practitioners who wish to learn additional oral surgical techniques and skills, and perform more surgery in their own offices.

It is a presentation of numerous general surgical procedures that the dentist can and WILL confidently perform in the office when this seminar is completed.  The course will demonstrate techniques that have been utilized and updated successfully for over 30 years.

It is important to emphasize that this seminar DOES NOT present major maxillofacial surgery such as osteotomies, fractures, condylectomies, rhinoplasties, etc. that are of no practical or clinical value to the General Pracitioner.  The surgical procedures that will be taught are the “Bread and Butter” variety, allowing the participant to refine and update all of their surgical skills. 


  • How to perform a proper Examination, Assessment and Preparation of the patient.
  • Selection of proper instruments to perform the various procedures.
  • Surgical removal Of Impacted 3rd molars: Maxillary and Mandibular.
  • Surgical removal of erupted molars, erupted 3rd molars and retained roots.
  • Surgical removal of Hyperplastic Tissue.
  • Surgical removal of Tori: Torus Mandibularis, Torus Palatinus.
  • Surgical exposure of Impacted Cuspids: (pre-orthodontic treatment).
  • Frenectomies: Maxillary labial frenectomies, (pre-prosthetic and pre-orthodontic) and Mandibular lingual frenotomy (ankyloglossia).
  • How to perform a Biopsy, and what to do after its done.
  • The “ART” Mandibular Block. A NEW approach to regional anesthesia involving the Inferior Alveolar Nerve (V3).
  • Post-Op.Treatment of Dry Sockets.
  • Selection and use of appropriate medications following surgery. 

Results following the learning session:

Participants will discover that learning how to properly examine a patient, learning correct and simplified oral surgical techniques with proper instrument selection and their use, combined with appropriate pre and post op use of medications and other post op considerations, will no longer be complicated nor a mystery.  The participating general dentist will have the confidence and the skill to perform all of the surgical techniques taught in the seminar.


Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Gaum is an oral surgeon who maintains a private practice in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He is a graduate of Dalhousie University Dental School in Nova Scotia.

He practiced general dentistry for five years before taking his specialty training in Anaesthesia and Oral Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh and Wilmington Medical Centre.  He is a former Associate in Dentistry, Faculty Of Dentistry, University Of Toronto where he taught for over 25 years.  He  lectures extensively throughout Canada, United States and other countries, teaching his fellow colleagues oral surgery, anaesthesia and pharmacology.

He is the author of numerous articles on Oral Surgery and Anesthesia published in major dental and medical journals.  He has published a text book titled:  Oral Surgery For The General Dentist.”, now in its 2nd edition, and produced two DVDs titled: “Surgical Videos For The General Dentist.” And “More Oral Surgery.”  Dr. Gaum is the principal developer of the  “ART” Mandibular Block, used successfully by thousands of dentists around the world.

Dr. Gaum is a member of several dental associations in Canada, United States and Europe.   He is the Director of the Oral Surgery Academy For General Dentists, providing hands-On and Clinical sessions for GP dentists.

2018 TODS Meeting Thursday-Saturday,
October 18-20

Delta Grand Okanagan Resort
Kelowna, British Columbia

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