Session Date: Thursday October 24, 2024

Session Time: 6 PM – 9 PM

Cost: Complimentary (For delegates AND non-delegates of the 2024 TODS Meeting)

How To Register: RSVP To Reserve Your Seat: CLICK HERE to RSVP directly with TRACKER

Presenters Names: Ms. Dalida Scarpelli and Mr. John Legourdas


Both existing Tracker users and/or New Potential Users interested in learning about Tracker’s features are welcome to attend.

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This workshop will provide participants with the understanding of how to efficiently run your practice to ensure growth, keep patients happy and streamlining internal operations while providing excellent patient care.

This interactive seminar will focus on how to efficiently use digital automation to educate patients and build trust using visual charting tools and effective treatment planning workflows. Explore how patients can easily make and confirm appointments automatically without any office intervention using SMS and auto confirmation tools.

About The Speaker

Ms. Dalida Scarpelli, Training Manager at Tracker, has more than 26 years of experience in the dental industry, and has been an integral part of Tracker since 1998. She is develops and coaches over 15 Tracker Certified Trainers across North America to ensure all Tracker offices are running efficiently and using our software to its fullest potential, resulting in practice growth.

Mr. John Legourdas, Business Development Manager at Tracker, has worked in the dental profession for over 27 years.  John is passionate about helping offices optimize growth by implementing a variety of automation tools that will ignite change for the practice and their patients.

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