Ms. Kerry Lepicek, RDH

Session Date:  Saturday October 21, 2023

Session Time:  8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Presenter Name:  Ms. Kerry Lepicek


Session #1 – Identifying Red Flags Associated with Systemic Diseases – Why Your Assessment is Critical  

Discover how you can conduct a more comprehensive evaluation of your patients’ health by paying attention to the ‘Red Flags’ you encounter every day in your office. Through routine dental appointments, we can identify warning signs that indicate systemic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, and more. In this session, Kerry will discuss the items that we typically label ‘normal’ or ‘within normal limits’, but which require further investigation. By leveraging technology, biofilm analysis, and genetic testing, we can gather more information, motivate our patients, and enhance our knowledge about opportunities to improve their health. Salivary testing technology can provide a risk analysis by identifying risky genes and quantifying high and moderate-risk pathogens. Oral bacteria tests are smart, safe, and simple and can help us detect hidden risks that may pose a future threat to your patient’s oral and systemic health. By using this assessment data and test results, we can create personalized treatment recommendations that improve clinical outcomes. We will also discuss the importance of collaborating with other healthcare professionals when we identify Red Flags.

Course Objectives:

  • Discover how to analyze and identify red flags and risk factors for patients and how to select the appropriate treatment interventions.
  • Explore the scientific basis for systemic diseases related to high-risk periodontal pathogens.
  • Understand when to collaborate with other health practitioners.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of why the assessment phase is crucial for the early detection of oral cancer, high blood pressure, and oral microbiome dysbiosis.
  • Understand how to identify patients who could benefit from bacterial testing based on their health history, periodontal status, and other risk factors.


Session #2 – All Things Spit – Understanding Salivary Diagnostics

Have you ever looked in your patient’s mouth and wonder why are their tissues responding that way? Then it is time to take a closer look at our patient’s oral bacterial profile. Salivary testing technology can provide a risk analysis by quantifying high and moderate risk pathogens,  guiding treatment recommendations, and improving your clinical assessment. We will explore some systemic diseases associated with periodontal pathogenic bacteria and how to convey this information. Learn how to use the patient’s health history, periodontal status and assessment information to determine when testing is recommended. Oral bacteria tests are smart, safe, simple and can help us find the hidden oral pathogens that pose a future threat to your patients’ oral and systemic health. The time has come for us to quit guessing and start testing to help our patients reach health.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand how to identify patients who could benefit from bacterial testing based on their health history,
  • periodontal status, and other risk factors.
  • Acquire knowledge on how the microbiology, periodontology and oral systemic link are connected.
  • Identify high-risk and moderate-risk pathogenic bacteria and their treatment solutions.
  • Discuss how to implement salivary testing in your practice.

About The Speaker

Ms. Kerry Lepicek, RDH is a registered dental hygienist with more than 20 years of clinical experience. She has worked in various practice settings and currently works part-time in general practice. As an international speaker, she has delivered lectures throughout Canada, the United States, and Bermuda. Kerry is knowledgeable on the topics of oral biofilm, halitosis, the oral systemic connection, and the dental hygiene process of care. Her primary focus is on educating her patients as well as the dental profession on periodontal health and wellness. Kerry is a Key Opinion Leader for Crest + Oral B, OraVital, Voco, Curion, and RDHU. In addition to being a section editor for The Hygiene Corner with Women In Dentistry, she serves on the Advisory Board of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health and is a cast member of The RDH View. She will provide you with practical advice that will transform your practice and the health of your patients.



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