Ms. Laura Nelson

Session Date:  Friday October 25, 2024

Session Time:  8:30 AM – 12 PM

Presenter Name: Ms. Laura Nelson


Step into a world where your dental practice thrives on a culture of excellence and a masterfully optimized schedule with “Empowering Your Dental Practice: Culture-Driven Productivity & Scheduling Excellence.” This course is your guide to transforming your practice into a powerhouse of efficiency, teamwork, and patient satisfaction. We’ll journey through the realms of creating a vibrant practice culture, where every dentist and team member plays a pivotal role in driving success. From fine-tuning your team’s dynamics to revolutionizing your scheduling strategies, this course promises not just to inspire but to equip you with the practical tools and insights needed to elevate your practice to new heights. Get ready to unleash the full potential of your team and turn scheduling into your strategic advantage!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Evaluate and enhance your practice’s culture to foster a supportive, engaging, and productive work environment that attracts top talent and retains patients.
  2. Implement innovative scheduling techniques that optimize patient flow, reduce wait times, and increase overall practice efficiency.
  3. Develop effective leadership and communication skills to inspire and motivate your team, encouraging a culture of continuous improvement and professional growth.
  4. Utilize data-driven decision-making to identify bottlenecks in your current scheduling system and apply targeted solutions to improve operational effectiveness.
  5. Craft and execute a strategic plan for integrating technology and team feedback into scheduling practices to maximize productivity and enhance patient experiences.

About The Speaker

Laura Nelson is an accomplished and highly-respected figure in the dental industry. As the founder of Front Office Rocks™, a virtual training platform for dental teams, she has earned international acclaim for her expertise in office systems and methods that drive exceptional customer service.

She has mentored thousands of dentists and team members, helping them achieve remarkable growth and excel in performance-based leadership with her unique interactive and innovative approach.

Beyond her role as a speaker and trainer, Laura is also the bestselling author of Step Away from the Drill, an invaluable guide that aims to help dentists master the business side of dentistry. Her latest publication, Hiring Without Hesitation: A How-To for Small Business Success, aims to simplify the hiring process to make it a productive and enjoyable experience for all.

With a background in Human Resources and a master’s degree in organizational development, Laura brings a wealth of knowledge to her work. She is a member of many prestigious dental associations, and various awards have recognized her expertise, including being named one of Dental Products Report’s Top 25 Women in Dentistry. When not transforming dental practices, Laura enjoys traveling and exploring new destinations. She resides in Coronado, CA, with her husband, Chris.

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