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Archived Handouts

Visit Speaker & Events/Speaker Handouts to view the handouts from the last five (3) years. 

 2021 Speaker & Events/Speaker Handouts.


2019 Speaker Handouts

Thursday, October 24

Dr. Anthony R. Cardoza (Thur. Oct 24) – BC Handbook for Action on Child Abuse and Neglect

Dr. Anthony R. Cardoza (Thur. Oct 24) – Human Abuse for the Dental Team

Dr. John A. Molinari (Thur. Oct 24) – Vaccine Recommendations: Science, Sucesss & Myths

Friday, October 25

Dr. John A. Molinari (Fri. Oct 25) – Infection Control in the Dental Office

Dr. Joel Antel (Fri. Oct 25) – Patient Communications & Office Organizations

Dr. Edith Blondel-Hill (Fri. Oct 25) – Safe Effective Antibiotic and Opioid Prescribing

Dr. Jeff Brucia (Fri. Oct 25) – Restorative Materials and Techniques Simplified 2019

Oliver Pin-Harry (Fri, Oct 25) – Implant Therapy in 2019

Ms. Anna Louise Tolan, RDH (Fri. Oct 25) – Never Give Up -Clinical Therapeutic Challenges

Saturday, October 26

Ms. Betsy Reynolds, RDH, MS (Sat. Oct 26) – Going to Pot


2018 Speaker Handouts

Ms. Susan Woodley, RDH (Thurs. Oct 18) – Womb to Grow Great Beginnings Prenatal to Preschool

Ms. Nancy Dewhirst, RDH (Thurs. Oct 18) – Standing Up To Emerging Diseases

Dr. Reena Talwar (Thurs. Oct 18) – Implant Solutions For The Edentulous Patient  HANDOUTS – PLEASE SEND EMAIL REQUEST AFTER CONFERENCE TO tods@shaw.ca

Ms. Lisa Philp, RDH (Fri. Oct 19) – The Ultimate Synergistic Team

Ms. Karen Davis, RDH (Fri. Oct 19) –  Save Lives Organ Transplantation & Subsequent Dental Considerations

Dr. David Landwehr (Fr. Oct 19) – R2C: The Root To Crown Solution Lecture NO HANDOUT

Dr. Ash Varma (Fri. Oct 19) – Improving The Quality Assurance Program. How Will The Proposed Changes Affect You? Click Here for Pre-Reading

Dr. Carlos Quinonez (Fri. Oct 19) – What’s Trust Got To Do With It? Professional Pressures & Ethical Decision-Making

Dr. Stephen Ho (Fri. Oct 19) – The Digital Revolution Is Here NO HANDOUT

Dr. Mike Racich (Fri. Oct 19) – Contemporary Approach to Restorative Dental Prosthodontic Care

Ms. Karen Davis, RDH (Fri. Oct 19) – Connecting the Dots Between Cancer, Chronic Illnesses & Periodontal Disease

Mr. Derek Salisbury (Fri. Oct 19) – Street Drug Awareness For Dental Professionals In Communities & Cities of BC

Dr. Timothy Bizga (Fri. Oct 19) – The Keys To Successful, Predictable, And Efficient Direct Composite Restorations  DR. BIZGA WILL PROVIDE A LINK FOR HIS HANDOUTS TO HIS OWN WEBSITE DURING HIS PRESENTATION

Dr. Ashley Hoders (Fri. Oct 19) – Soft Tissue Management Strategies: Teeth & Implants  NO HANDOUT

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog (Sat. Oct 20) – Boning up on Osteoporosis AND Getting to the Heart of Health

Dr. Jeanette MacLean (Sat. Oct 20) – Silver is the New Black Improving Your Practice With Silver Diamide Fluoride

Dr. Ali Sadeghi (Sat. Oct 20) – The Dreaded Midnight Call! A Protocol For Diagnosis, Management & Prevention Of Post Operative Complications Following Dento-Alveolar Surgery – NO HANDOUTS

Dr. Reena Talwar & Ms. Jolene Moore, RDA – Infection, Prevention And Control – Standards For Implant Surgery – HANDOUTS – PLEASE SEND EMAIL REQUEST AFTER CONFERENCE TO tods@shaw.ca

Ms. Neli Gontier, RDH (Sat. Oct 20) – Telling Tongues Stories From The Oral Cavity AND Aging Society Staggering Statistics and Implications for Dental Practices


2017 TODS Meeting Speakers Handouts

BCDA (Thurs Oct 19) – Clear on Codes – NO HANDOUT

Dr. Christian Caron (Thurs Oct 19) – Aging & Geriatric Oral Hygiene Problems – NO HANDOUT

Dr. Mark Donaldson (Thurs Oct 19) – Money Makes the World Go Round, But Drugs Can Make It Spin – Handout

CDSBC (Thurs Oct 19) – Listening Sesison – NO HANDOUT

Dr. Barbara Steinberg (Fri Oct 20) – Antibiotic Prophylaxis Update – Handout and  Oral Health Management For The Pregnant Patient – Handout

Mr. David Harris (Fri Oct 20) – Dental Office Policy & Procedure: Swindles, Scams & Cheats In The Dental Office – NO HANDOUT

Dr. Tim Hempton (Fri Oct 20) – Functional & Aesthetic Crown Lengthening – NO HANDOUT

Dr. Matt Illes (Fri Oct 20) – Occlusion For Everyday Dentistry – NO HANDOUT

Dr. Larry Gaum (Fri Oct 20) – A Practical Approach To Oral Surgery For The General Dentist (All Day Session)

Ms. Cheri Wu, RDH (Fri Oct 20 Lecture) – Changing Concepts Of Ultrasonics AND Challenge The Polishing Routine – handout will be posted soon

Dr. Tim Hempton (Fri Oct 20 Lecture) – The Periodontal Co-Therapist: Contemporary Periodontology For The RDH – NO HANDOUT

Ms. Meg Soper (Fri Oct 20) – Bring it on! Strategies To Create A Positive Workplace – Handout

Dr. Tim Hess (Fri Oct 20) – Preventing Implant Failures In The Digital Age –  Dr. Hess Handout 2017-Page_1Dr. Hess Handout 2017-Page_2Dr. Hess Handout 2017-Page_3

Dr. Peter Walford (Fri Oct 20) – Incisal Attrition – New Treatment For Neglected Sextants

Dr. Steven Hill & Mr. James Neuber (Fri Oct 20) – Preps By Material Design – NO HANDOUT

Dr. David Clark (Fri Oct 20) – Schizophrenia A Break With REality Implications For Dental Care

Ms. Lori DePauw (Sat Oct 21) – Hand Disorders In The Dental Practice – NO HANDOUT

CDHBC – (Sat Oct 21) – Current Events In Dental Hygiene Practice In British Columbia – NO HANDOUT

Ms. Laura Hatch (Sat Oct 21) – Build A Front Office Team That Rocks – NO HANDOUT

Ms. Liz Pearson (Sat Oct 21) – Eating For Optimal Dental Health – Handout

Dr. Raymon Grewal & Dr. Ali Sadeghi  (Sat Oct 21) – Management Of The Medically Compromised Patient. What You Need To Know In Your Dental Practice – NO HANDOUT






2021 TODS Virtual CE Event On-Demand,
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Launching October 22, 2021

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