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Launching October 22, 2021

OK Potpourri Presenter – Dr. Stefanie Nio

The Latest Scoop In Endodontics

As practitioners we wish to improve and enhance our care for our patients. Advanced technology and ongoing improvements can support our efforts. We will review new technology driven methods and trends that will affect the field and specialty of endodontics.


  • Evaluate new technology that is launched to enhance endodontic therapy.
  • Review the importance of minimal shaping and introducing the new appearance of endodontic treatments.

We will review the following:

  • The focus on minimal canal shaping and conservation of tooth structure
  • The latest release in file systems
  • Enhanced technology to enhance irrigation of the canal system
  • New obturation materials containing bioceramics

CDHBC QAP Competency – NA

Dr. Stefanie Nio


Dr. Stefanie Nio received her BSc and MSc in Dentistry from the University of Amsterdam (ACTA) in 2010.

Dr. Nio enjoyed private practice for four years before specializing. Finding her passion for the field of Endodontics, Dr. Nio attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, where she obtained both her Master of Science in Craniofacial Science and her diploma in Endodontics. While in graduate school, Dr. Nio focused her research on Endodontic microbiology and irrigation. She directed her enthusiasm for education as a part-time clinical instructor at UBC.

Dr. Nio has received extensive training in advanced technology beneficial to non-surgical as well as microsurgical Endodontic procedures. Dr. Nio’s passion for improving patient care and continuous clinical growth leads her to propel her practice, Okanagan Endodontic Specialists forward in serving the community.

Dr. Nio is dedicated to fostering excellence in Endodontics through education and the implementation of the latest technological advancements.

2021 TODS Virtual CE Event On-Demand,
Register NOW!

Launching October 22, 2021

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