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Launching October 22, 2021

Featured Speaker – Ms. Lisa Philp, RDH

Patient Satisfaction Success Strategies

This program is designed for the dental team to participate in strategies to achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction that will reduce complaints ,generate trust, enhance loyalty, continuing care, referrals, acceptance and success of oral health treatment.

Patients continually judge the way we interact with them , involve them, understand their unique needs  and meet their personal value of care.  The research and Canadian patient satisfaction survey outlining patients perceptions of a positive dental experience and their expectations will be used as a   guide to  adapt our soft skills of communication tools to empower the dental professional and contribute to  achievement of high rating of patient  satisfaction.

We will build effective strategies of  words, interviewing skills and listening combined with tone of voice and body language technique to use immediately that will  have  significant impact on  patient goodwill and satisfaction that  drives practice success.

Learning Objectives:  the participant will learn

  • Why patient satisfaction is paramount and everything else can wait.
  • The need to shift from a dental appointment to a “patient centered” experience
  • The importance  of the team approach in patient satisfaction
  • How the  satisfaction formula will reduce complaints and bad reviews
  • The elements of a patients perception of good experience
  • Modern needs and expectations of dental patients
  • Verbal and non verbal communication techniques
  • Support with a plan of action in the practice

CDHBC QAP Competency – F2

Ms. Lisa Philp, RDH

Ms. Lisa Philp, RDH is the Chief Visionary Officer and founder of TGNA – Transitions Group North America; a full service coaching company for dentistry.

Her career began in clinical hygiene, however she quickly transitioned into a world class coach; creating a periodontal disease management program, in which she coached thousands of dental professionals.

Lisa is an industry leader, author, consultant, coach and speaker providing insights to dentists and their teams on practice development and industry changes.

Through Lisa’s leadership, TGNA has developed into one of dentistry’s premier full service practice development companies providing practice management solutions for dentists and dental teams through coaching, training, mentorship and support.

2021 TODS Virtual CE Event On-Demand,
Register NOW!

Launching October 22, 2021

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