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Launching October 22, 2021

Featured Speaker – Dr. Samson Ng

Beyond Lumps And Bumps 2.0

Please join us for a review of oral lesions and dental therapeutics that oral care providers commonly encounter in a community practice. This seminar will reinforce the chair-side techniques for head & neck and intra-oral examinations.  Techniques for written and photo documentation of oral lesions will also be discussed.  The visual presentation and hands-on demonstrations of adjunctive evaluation tools will make these topics interesting and educational.  Topics include common benign oral lesions, microbial infections, and oral pre-cancerous lesion.

Learning outcome in this seminar:

  • Consolidate the clinical technique of performing an extra-oral and intra-oral soft tissue examination.
  • Ability to diagnosis and treat non-odontogenic oral lesions commonly identified in a community setting
  • Recognize oral lesions/entities that should be ‘red flag’, and discuss the proper initial management

CDHBC QAP Competency – C4 

TMJ: A Practical Approach To Diagnosis & Care

This seminar designed to review conventional and advanced medical care and manipulative treatment for management of acute temporomandibular joint dysfunction and pain. Multiple video clips will highlight what to do in a clinical setting. More importantly, the foundation of TMD diagnosis, and principles of TMD care will be explored in detail.

Learning outcomes in this seminar:

  • Recognition of TMD symptoms presentation; and its etiology
  • Conservative and initial pharmaceutical care for TMD symptoms
  • Perform jaw manipulation techniques for TMJ close and open locks.

CDHBC QAP Competency – C1

Dr. Samson Ng


Samson Ng, BSc(Pharm), DMD, MSc, FRCD(C), FDSRCSEd, Dip. ABOM., Dip. ABOMP is a Canadian and American Board certified oral medicine specialist and oral & maxillofacial pathologist. He is currently appointed as clinical associate professor at the University of British Columbia, and attending staff at the Department of Dentistry of the Vancouver General Hospital. Dr. Ng also operates a private practice which provides comprehensive oral medicine and pathology consultations, with a special interest in oral mucosal and temporomandibular joint diseases.

2021 TODS Virtual CE Event On-Demand,
Register NOW!

Launching October 22, 2021

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