2021 TODS Meeting - IN PERSON!!,
October 21 - 23, 2021

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Kelowna, British Columbia

Speaker Handouts



Not all speakers give permission to post their handouts online and some do not have any handouts.  Handouts, from speakers who have given their permission, are posted in pdf format.  Please check back after October 1st.  Please note: If a workshop has a handout it will be distributed during the workshop.

2019 Speaker Handouts

Thursday, October 24

Dr. Anthony R. Cardoza (Thur. Oct 24) – BC Handbook for Action on Child Abuse and Neglect

Dr. Anthony R. Cardoza (Thur. Oct 24) – Human Abuse for the Dental Team

Dr. John A. Molinari (Thur. Oct 24) – Vaccine Recommendations: Science, Sucesss & Myths

Friday, October 25

Dr. John A. Molinari (Fri. Oct 25) – Infection Control in the Dental Office

Dr. Joel Antel (Fri. Oct 25) – Patient Communications & Office Organizations

Dr. Edith Blondel-Hill (Fri. Oct 25) – Safe Effective Antibiotic and Opioid Prescribing

Dr. Jeff Brucia (Fri. Oct 25) – Restorative Materials and Techniques Simplified 2019

Oliver Pin-Harry (Fri, Oct 25) – Implant Therapy in 2019

Ms. Anna Louise Tolan, RDH (Fri. Oct 25) – Never Give Up -Clinical Therapeutic Challenges

Saturday, October 26

Ms. Betsy Reynolds, RDH, MS (Sat. Oct 26) – Going to Pot


2018 Speaker Handouts

Ms. Susan Woodley, RDH (Thurs. Oct 18) – Womb to Grow Great Beginnings Prenatal to Preschool

Ms. Nancy Dewhirst, RDH (Thurs. Oct 18) – Standing Up To Emerging Diseases

Dr. Reena Talwar (Thurs. Oct 18) – Implant Solutions For The Edentulous Patient  HANDOUTS – PLEASE SEND EMAIL REQUEST AFTER CONFERENCE TO tods@shaw.ca

Ms. Lisa Philp, RDH (Fri. Oct 19) – The Ultimate Synergistic Team

Ms. Karen Davis, RDH (Fri. Oct 19) –  Save Lives Organ Transplantation & Subsequent Dental Considerations

Dr. David Landwehr (Fr. Oct 19) – R2C: The Root To Crown Solution Lecture NO HANDOUT

Dr. Ash Varma (Fri. Oct 19) – Improving The Quality Assurance Program. How Will The Proposed Changes Affect You? Click Here for Pre-Reading

Dr. Carlos Quinonez (Fri. Oct 19) – What’s Trust Got To Do With It? Professional Pressures & Ethical Decision-Making

Dr. Stephen Ho (Fri. Oct 19) – The Digital Revolution Is Here NO HANDOUT

Dr. Mike Racich (Fri. Oct 19) – Contemporary Approach to Restorative Dental Prosthodontic Care

Ms. Karen Davis, RDH (Fri. Oct 19) – Connecting the Dots Between Cancer, Chronic Illnesses & Periodontal Disease

Mr. Derek Salisbury (Fri. Oct 19) – Street Drug Awareness For Dental Professionals In Communities & Cities of BC

Dr. Timothy Bizga (Fri. Oct 19) – The Keys To Successful, Predictable, And Efficient Direct Composite Restorations  DR. BIZGA WILL PROVIDE A LINK FOR HIS HANDOUTS TO HIS OWN WEBSITE DURING HIS PRESENTATION

Dr. Ashley Hoders (Fri. Oct 19) – Soft Tissue Management Strategies: Teeth & Implants  NO HANDOUT

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog (Sat. Oct 20) – Boning up on Osteoporosis AND Getting to the Heart of Health

Dr. Jeanette MacLean (Sat. Oct 20) – Silver is the New Black Improving Your Practice With Silver Diamide Fluoride

Dr. Ali Sadeghi (Sat. Oct 20) – The Dreaded Midnight Call! A Protocol For Diagnosis, Management & Prevention Of Post Operative Complications Following Dento-Alveolar Surgery – NO HANDOUTS

Dr. Reena Talwar & Ms. Jolene Moore, RDA – Infection, Prevention And Control – Standards For Implant Surgery – HANDOUTS – PLEASE SEND EMAIL REQUEST AFTER CONFERENCE TO tods@shaw.ca

Ms. Neli Gontier, RDH (Sat. Oct 20) – Telling Tongues Stories From The Oral Cavity AND Aging Society Staggering Statistics and Implications for Dental Practices


2017 TODS Meeting Speakers Handouts

BCDA (Thurs Oct 19) – Clear on Codes – NO HANDOUT

Dr. Christian Caron (Thurs Oct 19) – Aging & Geriatric Oral Hygiene Problems – NO HANDOUT

Dr. Mark Donaldson (Thurs Oct 19) – Money Makes the World Go Round, But Drugs Can Make It Spin – Handout

CDSBC (Thurs Oct 19) – Listening Sesison – NO HANDOUT

Dr. Barbara Steinberg (Fri Oct 20) – Antibiotic Prophylaxis Update – Handout and  Oral Health Management For The Pregnant Patient – Handout

Mr. David Harris (Fri Oct 20) – Dental Office Policy & Procedure: Swindles, Scams & Cheats In The Dental Office – NO HANDOUT

Dr. Tim Hempton (Fri Oct 20) – Functional & Aesthetic Crown Lengthening – NO HANDOUT

Dr. Matt Illes (Fri Oct 20) – Occlusion For Everyday Dentistry – NO HANDOUT

Dr. Larry Gaum (Fri Oct 20) – A Practical Approach To Oral Surgery For The General Dentist (All Day Session)

Ms. Cheri Wu, RDH (Fri Oct 20 Lecture) – Changing Concepts Of Ultrasonics AND Challenge The Polishing Routine – handout will be posted soon

Dr. Tim Hempton (Fri Oct 20 Lecture) – The Periodontal Co-Therapist: Contemporary Periodontology For The RDH – NO HANDOUT

Ms. Meg Soper (Fri Oct 20) – Bring it on! Strategies To Create A Positive Workplace – Handout

Dr. Tim Hess (Fri Oct 20) – Preventing Implant Failures In The Digital Age –  Dr. Hess Handout 2017-Page_1Dr. Hess Handout 2017-Page_2Dr. Hess Handout 2017-Page_3

Dr. Peter Walford (Fri Oct 20) – Incisal Attrition – New Treatment For Neglected Sextants

Dr. Steven Hill & Mr. James Neuber (Fri Oct 20) – Preps By Material Design – NO HANDOUT

Dr. David Clark (Fri Oct 20) – Schizophrenia A Break With REality Implications For Dental Care

Ms. Lori DePauw (Sat Oct 21) – Hand Disorders In The Dental Practice – NO HANDOUT

CDHBC – (Sat Oct 21) – Current Events In Dental Hygiene Practice In British Columbia – NO HANDOUT

Ms. Laura Hatch (Sat Oct 21) – Build A Front Office Team That Rocks – NO HANDOUT

Ms. Liz Pearson (Sat Oct 21) – Eating For Optimal Dental Health – Handout

Dr. Raymon Grewal & Dr. Ali Sadeghi  (Sat Oct 21) – Management Of The Medically Compromised Patient. What You Need To Know In Your Dental Practice – NO HANDOUT






2021 TODS Meeting - IN PERSON!!,
October 21 - 23, 2021

Please See Breaking News For Meeting Status
Kelowna, British Columbia

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