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Continuing Education Credit Information

It is the responsibility of each individual to submit their own report to their respective provincial authority.


Continuing education (CE) credits may be accumulated as follows for:

British Columbia Registered
Dentists, Dental Therapists and Certified Dental Assistants:

*Please Note: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia self-study maximums are waived until December 31, 2021 to promote online learning.

Hour-for-hour credit for eligible session attendance/viewing

Submitting Your CE
1. Submit your TODS CE credits online by visiting www.cdsbc.org and logging in with your registration/certification number and password.
2. CDSBC reminds registrants to be aware of the maximum limits allowed for certain subjects. Please see the College’s Continuing Education Requirements document for complete information.
3. Registrants are reminded that all CE submissions must be accurate and truthful. Submissions to the contrary are in violation to CDSBC’s Code of Ethics and could result in disciplinary action.

*Please Note: the number of credits submitted to any licensing body has to reflect actual time spent physically in attendance/watching the event. 

Registered Dental Hygienists licensed in BC:
The College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia requests that hygienists add the Thompson Okanagan Dental Meeting information onto your yearly reporting form.  The Thompson Okanagan Dental Society is not responsible for submitting Continuing Education Credits on behalf of any registrant.

Important Information For RDH’s: You will notice that each dental hygiene-related session has been coded with a letter-number code (e.g. D.3.) corresponding to one or more specific CDHBC QAP content categories (e.g. Non-surgical dental hygiene therapy). It is important to note that these codes are suggestions only, based on the limited information provided within the session outlines. RDH’s will need to use professional judgment when selecting courses and determining which QAP content categories the course addresses. For a complete list of the CDHBC QAP content categories please click here: 2021 CDHBC Content Categories 1

A course coded with an ‘N/A’ indicates that a QAP Content Category has not been assigned.  CDHBC registrants are asked to use their professional judgment to determine how this course would apply to their dental hygiene practice setting and if the course is eligible for CC credits.


Out of Province Registrants
Out-of-BC registrants should consult with their provincial or state regulatory authorities for CE credit requirements.

REMINDER – ALBERTA DENTISTS – On-Demand (Self-Instructional/Study)

2021 TODS Virtual CE Event ,
Registration Is Closed


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