2018 TODS Meeting Thursday-Saturday,
October 18-20

Delta Grand Okanagan Resort
Kelowna, British Columbia

Supplier Showcase – Expert Panel – CDSPI

Navigating Change: Expert Strategies When Negotiating The Sale Of Your Practice

Thursday October 19, 2017   6:00pm – 9:00pm  Monashee Room

Please RSVP your attendance directly to TBA via email: TBA or telephone: TBA.  There are no fees to attend this session. 

Mr. Brian Rudy, B.Sc., LL.B

Ms. Renata Whiteman, Prof Advisor

Mr. Calvin T. Carpenter, CPA, CA

Ms. Chi Wen Liang, CFP Mngr


CDHBC QAP Competency – NA

Navigating Change: Expert Strategies When Negotiating the Sale of Your Practice

As an established dentist, you want to ensure that your practice is structured to be financially successful today, and in the event of a future sale. In this session, CDSPI brings together a panel of experts in the fields of employment and business law, accounting and taxation, and wealth and risk management. Each panel member will spend about 15 minutes to highlight the key strategies used by successful dentists for you to consider when thinking about a practice sale.

Learning Highlights 

  • The role of employment contracts and owner/associate agreements;
  • Lease agreements, incorporation and other legalities of structuring the purchase/sale of a practice;
  • Structuring your business affairs to minimize taxation now and maximize proceeds from a practice sale later;
  • Insurance strategies to protect you and your practice;
  • Wealth building and estate planning ideas to provide security for you and your family.

Panel Sessions:

A) Legal Advice on Structuring the Purchase and Sale of a Dental Practice

There are many decisions to be made in the process of selling a practice. Brian Rudy, a legal expert in corporate law will discuss: the pros and cons of a sale of assets vs. a sale of shares; how to limit your exposure in the representations and warranties you will need to make as a vendor; and the non-competition and non-solicitation covenants that are typically part of a practice sale.

Brian Rudy, B.Sc., LL.B. Synergy Business Lawyers LLP

Brian is a founding partner of Synergy Business Lawyers. He is an experienced corporate lawyer with a practice that includes a focus on dental and healthcare law.  Brian assists dentists with everything from structuring dental corporations, employment law, commercial leasing, real estate, cost share agreements, associate contracts and succession planning.  His practice is located in Vancouver, BC, serving dentists throughout the province.


B) A Guide to Employment Law in a Practice Sale

Brian Rudy will discuss a variety of issues affecting a practice sale. These include the employment obligations that are imposed on you when you sell or close your practice, the steps you can take to minimize/eliminate your employment law liabilities, and how you can address employment law issues before and during a practice sale.

Brian Rudy, B.Sc., LL.B. Synergy Business Lawyers LLP


C) Recalibrating Your Insurance Coverage As You Transition

Insurance has played an important role for you in providing peace of mind and financial security in case of a catastrophic event. Renata Whiteman will identify key questions you should be asking yourself to evaluate what insurance you will continue to need— and not need. She will also explain what happens to your malpractice coverage, and identify the key considerations you need to be aware of if you plan to continue practicing as an associate. 

Renata Whiteman, Professional Advisor, CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.

Renata joined CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. in 2000. In her current role as a senior advisor within the insurance advisory team, Renata advises a range of clients, including dental specialists, general dentists and students on insurance plans to meet their specific insurance needs. Renata holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of Santo Amaro, in São Paulo, Brazil. Renata is licensed as a Level 2 general insurance broker and as a life and accident and sickness insurance advisor.


D) Practical Steps To Minimize Taxes As You Transition Your Practice

As an established dentist transitioning out of your practice, either partially or entirely, there are many tax implications to consider in making an informed decision about the process. Calvin Carpenter, will explain why you need to begin the process well in advance of your anticipated sale date, and some of the strategies you can use to help minimize taxes. 

Calvin T. Carpenter, CPA, CA Partner & Vice President, Professional Services, MNP

Working closely with medical and dental professionals, Calvin provides valuable advice to help clients reach their business and personal goals. Calvins’s experience in forecasting, tax planning and other key areas helps ensure his clients have a sound strategy for the future. He specializes in developing customized plans for clients interested in starting or purchasing their own practice.


E) Smart Investment and Planning Strategies To Ensure Your Financial Security

Chi Wen Liang will discuss key strategies to put in place today that will allow you to generate the income you will need to fund your ideal life after transition. Whether it’s using the proceeds of the sale of your practice, or utilizing your existing savings and investments, Chi will highlight the role and importance of estate planning, portfolio construction, and tax efficient investing strategies to maximize your after-tax income.

Chi Wen Liang, CFP® Manager, Investment Advisory Services, CDSPI

Chi joined CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. in 2017 as the Manager of Investment Advisory Services. She is responsible for leading the team of investment planning advisors providing comprehensive financial planning services to dental professionals and their families across Canada. Chi Wen has more than 20 years of experience in financial services at leading financial institutions. For more than a decade, she has been managing teams of senior advisors providing financial planning strategies and solutions to high net worth individuals. Chi Wen is knowledgeable in areas of investment & retirement planning, taxation, risk management and estate planning.

2018 TODS Meeting Thursday-Saturday,
October 18-20

Delta Grand Okanagan Resort
Kelowna, British Columbia

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