2018 TODS Meeting Thursday-Saturday,
October 18-20

Delta Grand Okanagan Resort
Kelowna, British Columbia

Featured Speaker – Ms. Susan Woodley, RDH

Womb To Grow: Modern Health for Prenatal To Preschool Clients/Patients

Thursday October 18, 2018  6:00pm – 9:00pm   

Generously Co-Sponsored by Philips Oral Healthcare with an unrestricted educational grant

Ms. Susan Woodley, RDH

CDHBC QAP Competency – D.3, A.2, D.6

Alberta Dental Association & College – Approved for CE

Your dental practice may not routinely treat prenatal or pediatric clients/patients, however, everyone has a role wherever possible in providing mothers and children the healthiest start possible.
Dental caries in our pediatric population is one of the most serious health concerns in this country. Research suggests that pregnancy can be one of the most motivating times for parents to change habits. Therefore, it is an ideal time to begin counseling the parent about the benefits of oral health. Statistics show that if parents learn to make oral health a priority for themselves, their children are more likely to inherit this awareness.
This evidence based seminar will nurture your knowledge of prenatal and pediatric oral health, reviewing the needs of pregnant clients/patients and emphasizing the establishment of a dental home. It also provides resources on how to integrate a formalized risk assessment model and new strategies to implement that assessment.

  • How we as dental professionals deliver comprehensive care to our clients/patients today, looks very different than just a few short years ago! Scientifically, we know screenings are a vital component for both prevention and management of potential diseases. The prenatal and preschool client/ patient prove to be no exception! The World Health Organization guidelines for best practice in management of the female client prior to pregnancy, during and post-delivery of the baby will be explored. Sleep apnea possess many risks for the prenatal patient and her unborn child. Mitigating some of those risks can best be accomplished through awareness and implementation of a proper screening by a dental professional. Current information and studies regarding periodontal health and the link to low birth weight and preterm birth will be discussed along with many other aspects regarding the oral/systemic management of the prenatal client/patient.
  • Professional interactions with our youngest of clients should begin by the age of one. Screenings for sleep apnea highlights the importance of our role in potentially changing the trajectory of an individual’s life, especially with early discovery! A newly identified bacteria, found to play a critical role in early childhood caries will be revealed. Nutrition, abuse management and appliance therapy for habit breaking will be examined.
  • “It takes a village to raise a child” has stood the test of time. This course is designed to build awareness with strategies toward delivering optimal care to these two vulnerable populations. Valuable information will be gleaned for use and sharing within our practices as well as community.


Ms. Susan Woodley, RDH, Manager Professional Education Western Canada
Susan graduated over 30 + years ago from Fanshawe College in the Dental Hygiene Program. She began practicing dental hygiene in general practice, though the better part of her career led her to practicing in orthodontics.
She enjoyed many years as a part time faculty member at the local college instructing both didactically and clinically. Susan has been involved in clinical research, and she is a published author for dental journals. She was a Professional Educator with RDH Connection for many years before joining Philips. She was president of her local Dental Hygienists’ Society for 5 years and was involved at the executive level for many years.
Susan is the Manager of Professional Education Western Canada/Ontario with Philips Oral Healthcare. She and her husband are proud parents of two married children who live in Kelowna and Australia and doting Grandparents to 3 wonderful grandchildren.

2018 TODS Meeting Thursday-Saturday,
October 18-20

Delta Grand Okanagan Resort
Kelowna, British Columbia

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