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The Delta Grand Okanagan Resort and Conference Centre

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The Summer Student program provides incoming fourth-year dental students with an opportunity to be part of the day-to-day operation of a dental practice and it is open to students who have successfully completed their third year of DMD studies.

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Thursday-Saturday, October 22-24, 2015 • Delta Grand Okanagan Resort • Kelowna, British Columbia

TODS AGM, Luncheon & Keynote Speaker – Mr. Jesse Miller

Thompson Okanagan Dental Society

Annual General Meeting and  Elections

Thompson Okanagan Dental Society

Saturday October 25, 2014  12:30pm

Mr. Jessie Miller

Mr. Jessie Miller

Keynote Speaker:  Mr. Jesse Miller

Social Media, Brand Protection and Going Beyond The Resume For The Dental Professional 

Social Media Awareness is quickly becoming a conversation point in both personal and professional environments and as the two worlds converge with the advances in social media and mobile technology the dental health professional should become more aware of how staff utilize social media within the workplace, how they share the employer brand online, and how patient experience is shared online before, during, and after treatment. Learning more about social media does not mean you have to become a user of social media, becoming versed in the social media behaviours and trends can help mitigate an issue before it becomes one and help your team avoid the potential embarrassment of a social media hiccup.

This presentation will highlight the current trends in social media and the behaviours demonstrated by those involved in the dental health field at various levels.


Mr. Jesse Miller is a recognized authority on the topics of Internet safety, social media awareness and communication trends. As an international speaker who has addressed thousands of participants across Canada, Jesse is in high demand as a keynote speaker on the topics of social media awareness, social networking behaviour and online content evaluation. As a public speaker, the majority of his engagements are social media awareness based presentations to schools and non-profit groups who seek to facilitate change for youth online and because of this unique specific audience, his presentations are continually developing as social media itself evolves with young users. A noted speaker to police and youth advocacy groups, Jesse presented awareness programs for schools in the province of British Columbia during the 2012/2013 school calendar year reaching over 225,000 students. Using behaviour changing presentation techniques, he has an un-matched ability to motivate his audience to evaluate their online profiles and how to assess privacy and connectivity issues. As a public safety innovator, he combines a diverse background in community policing, volunteer management, behaviour analysis and social media safety expertise to develop unique presentations and awareness-based solutions for his clients.

The approach designed through multimedia awareness campaigns, delivers a measured response to an audience who previously had no idea of their vulnerabilities when participating in online environments. In the dental field, Jesse was a well-received speaker at the 2013 Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver, a featured speaker at the 2013 UBC Continuing Dental Health Education Conference in Hawaii and a guest speaker for the UBC Hygiene program addressing social media within human resources, patient interaction and policy development. Jesse is a trusted resource to numerous school districts and public safety agencies including municipal and federal Police within Canada who use his expertise to address issues that occur in social media environments. Jesse has been sourced by a variety of prominent clients who need evaluation of their social media footprint and current social media connectivity. He has been featured in numerous radio and television broadcasts, film productions, publications and articles as an authority on the topics of Internet safety, social media safety & awareness, and mobile application based technology. Mediated Reality is the lead project from Miller Consulting Services based in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Thompson Okanagan Dental Society

Thompson Okanagan Dental Society Annual General Meeting The following positions on the Board of the Thompson Okanagan Dental Society are available for nominations and election.

  • President-Elect (2015)
  • Secretary/Treasurer (2015)
  • Director (2015-2016)

Each Executive position is a one year term and is eligible for re-election for a second consecutive term. The Thompson Okanagan Dental Society’s Director position is a two year term and is eligible for re-election for a second consecutive term. Please contact Dr. Kristy Chu, President of the Thompson Okanagan Dental Society (250) 832-7640, if you wish to be nominated for any of these positions.

Thursday-Saturday, October 22-24, 2015 • Delta Grand Okanagan Resort • Kelowna, British Columbia

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